Puuviesti magazine

Puuviesti is a professional magazine in the woodworking industry that has been published for over 30 years. The magazine showcases industry entrepreneurs, innovations, research, and products, as well as promotes awareness of the wood and wood working industry.

Puuviesti is an excellent media for reaching professionals and share information. The magazine focuses on presenting industry experts and trends and serves as a communication channel between decision-makers and entrepreneurs. Its primary goal is to enhance awareness of the wood industry, highlight domestic entrepreneurs and products, and facilitate communication between decision-makers and entrepreneurs.

The magazine is published six times a year, with a few issues being special editions.

Puuviesti is published by the Pro Puu association, which was founded in 1997. The association’s purpose is to strengthen the professional and ideological cooperation of carpenters and designers. Its core mission is to promote awareness of domestic wood species as an excellent material for furniture, interior design and construction.

In 1989, Jorma Laitinen founded the Woodworking WIN Puuntyöstö magazine, and it quickly found its place as a means of communication for industry companies. Over the more than three decades since its inception, this woodworking industry professional magazine has witnessed both growth and downturns. However, it has consistently showcased Finnish carpentry and stimulated discussions on various topics.

The Woodworking magazine underwent a transformation when Tuula Uitto acquired the publishing rights in the spring of 2013 and became the magazine’s editor-in-chief for this publication by and for the woodworking industry entrepreneurs. In 2015, the magazine underwent a renewal, and its name was changed to ”Puuviesti.” ”Puuviesti” has remained an impartially edited wood industry magazine, where information about carpentry, businesses, and entrepreneurs, as well as new machinery and materials, events, and prospects, is and will continue to be shared.